We create Sales Results

Sales Promotion & Sales Competition

Our Sales Promotion and Customer Acquisition Concepts in the B2B or in the B2C sector are strong and powerful tools to increase significantly your sales success. They are based on a creative "Selling Idea". They are relevant for the target group. They create attention, win customers, trigger buying impulses. And they are effective, because we measure consistently the Costs per Order and adjust measures to achieve a higher "Return on Investment". 


Sales Competitions are also a valid instrument to push sales or achieve specific goals, such as customer acquisition or product placement.  Our concepts are more successful than average in motivating Sales People because they are based on realistic goals, interesting mechanics and promote a genuine competitive spirit that motivates everyone to perform exceptionally well.

SALES Performance

Our focus is on the effectiveness and efficiency of your Sales Organisation. Following the experience of many sales projects, we have developed a comprehensive Sales Check-up programme, that offers the right mix of pragmatism and perfectionism.


This systematic approach accompanies our customers through the entire sales process, from the orientation of the sales strategy to the development of the organization, the management of the sales staff and the implementation of controlling and efficiency measures.

Customer                                                                                     International Automotive Parts supplier 

Project                                                                                         Reorganization of the worldwide Sales Organisation, including the implementation of a  Key Account Management and a new sales support level.

Dealer Coaching

By analyzing local markets and improving the performance of retail partners, significant sales potential can often be tapped. This is where we come in with consulting and coaching for retail partners.


With our Dealer Check-up programme we systematically analyse local market situations, determine awareness and image in the local market and check buying preferences among local target groups. Then we  jointly develop plans for local market development and support the retail partner with Know-how and Do-how.